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Cui oferim consultanță

Cui oferim consultanță Aplicabilitatea unei companii offshore cunoaste o varietate de domenii. Compania noastra stabileste si administreaza structuri sigure si eficiente pentru expati, intreprinderi mari si mijlocii, antreprenori, persoane fizice si familii. De altfel clienții noștri provin din toate colțurile lumii și din toate domeniile de activitate. De-a lungul anilor, am cladit relații de încredere cu toti clienții noștri. Baza noastră de clienți include numeroase firme de consultanță profesională de top, instituții financiare, societăți pe acțiuni cotate la bursă și întreprinderi comerciale din piețele internaționale.Serviciile noastre la standarde ridicare și abordarea individuală ne-au transformat în cea mai bună alegere pentru nevoile de afaceri ale clienților noștri.Ne focusăm asupra necesitatilor și preocupărilor lor, dezvoltând o strategie de afaceri și apoi lucrând împreună pentru implementarea și executarea acestei strategii, ... Citeste »

Cyprus increase of VAT from 15% to 17%

  Cyprus was the EU country with the lowest VAT level of 15% till this year. The VAT raise at 17% for supply of goods and services, has been implemented since 1 March 2012. The growth of 2%, still situate Cyprus as the best tax environment for business. The new VAT value does not affect the services and products that fall under the reduced VAT rates of 5% or 8% or zero VAT rate, according to the VAT legislation. According to the Article 55 of the Vat Law there are some cases when a taxable person selling goods or providing services has the choice of applying the old VAT rate or the new one    ... Citeste »

Swiss Inheritance Tax Deal with France Challenged In Switzerland

The economy commission of the Swiss National Council has rejected the new draft Double Tax Convention (DTC) between France and Switzerland. This new DTC between France and Switzerland which revise the applicable inheritance tax regime has been negotiated but not yet signed. The new treaty provides a punitive tax treatment of companies operating in non-cooperative jurisdictions to companies operating in low-tax jurisdiction and has been criticized mainly for bringing advantage only to France and none to Switzerland. According to the new changes in the law, a French resident taxpayer controlling directly or indirectly at least 50% of a company based in a low-tax jurisdiction is now required to prove that the foreign company is carrying on honest business activities abroad, and that the business structure has "main justifications" ... Citeste »

Offshore bank accounts hold assets worth of over $ 21 trillion

Offshore company formation, offshore banking, legal and tax consultancy are the industries that grows on peoples and companies need to maximize profits by legally reducing the amount of taxes paid for their investments.Estimations shows that world's richest people and companies has transferred to offshore bank accounts and offshore companies in various tax heavens between $ 21 trillion and $ 32 trillion, an amount larger that the entire economy of USA. International offshore financial centers are the main beneficiary of these funds, offering in return to investors zero or low tax regime, asset protection, confidentiality and the safety of their funds.The analysis was made by James Henry, former chief economist at consultancy company McKinsey, a well known expert on tax heavens, by studying data from Bank of ... Citeste »

Ireland is expanding its network of double tax treaties

Ireland is expanding its network of double tax treatiesEven if Ireland is not officially an offshore jurisdiction and the term of offshore company is not found in Irish legislation describing company forms, Ireland is renewed as one of the best countries in the world in which to incorporate a company. One of the most compelling reasons for this is the extensive list of tax treaties that Ireland has in place.Till now Ireland has signed comprehensive double taxation agreements with almost 68 countries, of which 64 are already in effect. The agreements cover direct taxes, which in the case of Ireland are income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax.During the last period of time Ireland is underway to negotiate new agreements and to update the existing ... Citeste »