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United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Offshore company - Overview The United Kingdom of Great Britain lies on British Isles off the Western Coast of Europe and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, Northern Sea and English Channel. It's one of the several economic "superpowers" of the world and known as a country leader. The country is considered an offshore financial center in terms of offshore business operations. Having the mildest tax climate in the European Union is often used as the base multinational corporations operate from in other EU countries. Principal and Corporate Legislation for LLP are Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000 and The Income and Corporate Taxes Act 1988 (as amended). This country has the biggest number of concluded Double Taxation Treaties and it provides excellent opportunities ... Read More »


Madeira - Overview - Offshore companies The Madeira archipelago is located in Atlantic Ocean and is composed by Islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens. It is a Portuguese archipelago which has an important strategic role due to its geographic location, being situated between Europe and the Caribbean Islands.Companies licensed to operate within the Madeira Free Trade Zone are for all purposes Portuguese resident, and therefore can in most cases benefit from the double tax treaties signed by Portugal.Portugal has signed double tax agreements with the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mozambique, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Venezuela. Negotiations are nearing completion with other countries. Principal Corporate Legislation applies for Limitada Company ... Read More »


Belize - Offshore company - Overview Situated on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America, Belize is known for its political and economic stability and its Legal System based on English Common Law and local Statute. Independent since 1981 Belize is an offshore jurisdiction very convenient for doing business. The Belize offshore company (IBC) is a tax-free and exchange control-free Limited Liability Company. Incorporated under the Belize laws, the offshore firm must conduct all profit-earnings activities outside of the country. Usually most of the Belize offshore companies are used by high net worth individuals to lease and own property, estate planning, tax optimization and also in conjunction with trust and by international companies in cross border transactions. With an outstanding record of peace, democracy and stability, Belize is ... Read More »

Ready Made / Shelf Company

ORDER TODAY A READY MADE OFFSHORE COMPANY (Shelf Company)! THE FASTEST WAY TO GO BUSINESS! Ready-made offshore companies or "shelf companies" are entities which are already created or approved for immediate registration. These types of companies are available for immediate purchase and use. The company's documents of such type have been kept stock-still in our office, hence the name and have not traded or entered into any dealings or obligations whatsoever. We had created the easiest way for you to have your offshore shelf company today. You have full package including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the issuance of general power of attorney for one year.The company documents are ready at our office and we can send you all set of documents ... Read More »