Special licensed companies

Special licensed companies 

We can provide you with all types of licensed companies: Offshore Banks, Insurance, brokerage licenses, Forex, Capital Management, E-Payment, University, Pharmacy, online gambling and gaming.


1. Internet Gaming License
There are more category of gaming licenses according with your online gaming business: online gambling licensing, iGaming platform, online casino, mobile casino, online poker or social poker, bets, bingo and lottery.
Seeking to cover every aspect of your business needs we have elaborated a special set of services with the intent to ensure the highest efficiency of your online gaming business.

To operate an online casino, poker room or sports betting gaming site legally you will need to obtain a gambling license first. Online gaming licensing has become a new landmark in the industry. The idea of introducing the practice of licensing was targeted primarily at improving the quality of the business services delivery and has finally turned into a prerequisite for conducting legal gaming business online.

Online gaming licenses are now issued by a number of governments worldwide. However, online gaming is prohibited in a number of countries, and therefore online gaming licenses often arise in offshore countries. The application process for license is quite complex as we register a new company and apply for license for that company which will be an offshore company.

Obtaining a gaming license removes any legal, reputational or bureaucratic barriers that might get in the way of you running your business. Here are the reasons why obtaining a license is the core of you online gambling business success: users' confidence, payment processing, tax and legal aspects.

Because the selecting of a gambling license jurisdiction is important, you should select one with a sensible approach to taxation and license cost in combination with a strong licensing law and technical standards, as well as player's residence country regulations. A fully compliant gambling service that is addressed worldwide can involve complex structures including several offshore companies in different jurisdictions.

In this respect we can offer you a wide range of options for you gambling license needs, but we recommend Costa Rica (laws allow companies that reside within the country to legally offer online wages to global customers, but not residents of the country itself - operators are allowed a greater degree of freedom because there is a lack of regulation in this jurisdiction), Malta, Gibraltar (part of EU, is recognized by UK Gambling Act - 2005 as a ‘white listed' jurisdiction) or Isle of Man.
Gambling jurisdictions differ from one another in a number of aspects. Some of them are considered stricter than others, in that they regulate the operators constantly and demand that they reach certain levels of fair gaming, testing and support, and also the cost may be extremely different.

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2. Offshore Captive Insurance
Offshore captive insurance is the main source of insurance for both large and small companies. A captive is an insurance company that insures the risk of its parent company. We may refer to the arrangement as self-insuring, alternative risk transfer or alternative insurance. Captive insurance companies are primarily distinct from other insurance companies in the following aspects:
- They are generally owned by, or associated with, the companies that they are insuring
- They underwrite risks on a restrictive and selective basis only

Captives may be used to underwrite totally the risk. Alternatively, the captive may reinsure, partially or wholly through conventional underwriters. There are different uses and advantages for such companies.

Regarding the uses:
• the necessity or the desire of corporations to carry their own risk, because the prohibitive level of premiums and excess of loos adjustments
• the low probability of claims on certain risks ( the taxation benefits arising from the deductibility of insurance premiums paid to captives, the absence of taxation on premium income received by captives incorporated in a tax free financial center, the avoidance of restrictive regulations in the corporation's own country - mostly in relation to the movement and investment of funds, the opportunity for funds to accumulate at a greater rate due to the absence of taxation on investment earned by captives in a tax free financial center).

The advantages captive insurance companies' offers are:
• The cost of the insurance can be significantly reduced
• Policies and risk insurance more tailored to the needs of the insured party
• Reduction of the net insurance cost through reinsurance credits and commissions which are retained by the captive
• Better placement and management of funds
• Improvement of the overall cash flow by deciding when corporate/group premiums will be paid as against when reinsurance premium fall

Whereas, owning your own offshore captive company can give your plan longstanding solidity and direct access to reinsurance markets.

A captive is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company that is not primarily in the insurance industry. Its main function is to insure some or all of the risk of its parent company. As the industry has grown those involved have sought new methods of enhancing the captive structure to create means by which a variety of industries can benefit. Here are a number of different structures that are being used: Single Parent Captives, Diversified Captives, Association Captives, Rent-A-Captives, Special Purpose Vehicles, Agency Captives.


3. Offshore Banking Licenses
There are many different reasons for the company to apply for an offshore bank license, mostly for offering their clients banking services, but also to your own group of companies. Applying for an offshore banking license is the best way to go, as many of the regulatory bodies in countries where you are able to apply take far longer to approve a bank license application, and the entire process can end up spending lots of time and money. With an offshore banking license, you will be able to apply in the offshore jurisdiction you choose with considerably lower costs. There is a relatively long and complicated procedure that goes into the application, which depends on the type of bank license and offshore jurisdiction that you wish to apply for.

Not only the leading banks and transnational corporations, conglomerates of small and medium companies, but also the wealthy individuals seeking to use the indisputable advantages of an offshore banking establishment such as:

-   The possibility of tax planning opportunities and to optimize payments
-   High confidentiality of banking transactions and safety of funds in your own bank
-   Opened possibilities to access to the international network of correspondent banking accounts and to the international credit markets
-   Less stringent requirements for the issuance of offshore banking licenses and to the minimum paid up capital and administrative costs