Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes

Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes

We are highly experienced in managing running costs and vessel registration. We can handle corporate and fiscal responsibilities which large or small yachts generate, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance.

Our team recognizes the need for delivery of accurate and diligent service for ships, yachts or airplanes owners in order to retain strict owner control over costs and administration of these sophisticated assets.

     •   Yacht and airplanes registration in a variety of jurisdictions

     •   Full management and administration

     •   Compliance and certification

     •   Tax and Vat management

     •   Temporary EU importation services

     •   Insurance management services

     •   Management of finance

     •   Notarization and legalization of documents

     •   Escrow services

     •   Airplanes acquisition and sales consultancy

If you prefer to preserve the ownership yacht (ship, airplane) confidentially we can register an offshore company and transfer the yacht to it. You may be the beneficiary of the company and the offshore company will own the yacht thus limiting your personal liabilities. Hence, such a solution would allow using the yacht privately, without public records of your personal ownership, and protecting your asset.

You can use offshore companies to hold real estate and other assets, which can be done for privacy, tax efficiency or other reasons. Ships, yachts or planes may be owned by an offshore company and registered in an offshore jurisdiction which can prove a cheaper and more tax efficient method of ownership. You can use also a separate offshore company to operate or charter the vessel, thus separating ownership and income for additional tax benefits.

Offshore company ship, yachts, airplanes