Offshore Banking


Most of the clients require our assistance in obtaining a bank account for their new offshore company or foundation. The service we provide is that of an introduction to the bank and assistance with the required documentation and the application process.
We try to minimize inconvenience to our international banking clients, and it is often not necessary for clients to visit the bank in person to obtain the corporate bank account.

Our offshore banking team prepares all account documentation and attends an interview on our clients' behalf. Depending on the bank selected, our clients receive international ATM cards, cheque books and world class internet banking.

We can provide you a full range of offshore online banking services, all of them with internet banking and debit cards which allow you to have quick and easy access to your funds from almost anywhere in the world. We assist our clients to have their offshore accounts opened with minimum formal and financial obstacles.

We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business or investment purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe best suited to meet your identified needs.

What's even more important, being independent experts, we introduce our esteemed customers only to the best offshore banks, having a proven record of:

     •   long-term stable financial status

     •   high quality of offshore banking services,

     •   reasonable fees and charges,

     •   provision of online banking, offshore debit and credit cards.

An Offshore Bank Account is nowadays, a quick, inexpensive entry to foreign investment opportunities and other benefits.

Offshore banking