Immigration in low taxes and jurisdictions

Offshore company is a necessary tool in today's modern global economy. Nowdays tax rates and the rules for computing taxable profits vary widely between countries. Therefore some offshore jurisdictions, often known as tax havens, have very low tax rates. Those countries effectively offer services of a sovereign country to businesses and individuals for a modest fee. The result of introducing entities in further jurisdictions into financial structures can be to allow businesses and individuals to diminish the tax liabilities that would otherwise arise in other countries with higher tax rates.

There are many reasons for wishing to take up residency in a new country. Programs for grating second citizenship and second passport in return for the investment exist in many countries worldwide.

They differ mostly in those points:

     •   Amount of necessary investment

     •   Whether it is refundable or not

     •   Duration and complexity of accepting the investment

     •   Duration and complexity of granting citizenship after the investment

The reason for using such services are for tax planning in order to avoid paying exorbitant taxes, travel easier, insure against instability and crime inside your own country, open bank accounts, businesses and invest abroad or avoid compulsory military services.

It is necessary to plan business and investments in such way as to avoid paying exorbitant taxes and maximize your disposable income. For any person whose country of residence levies high taxes on profits, nowadays had become a must to have a second citizenship.

It is also your insurance against unforeseeable misfortunes. The list of countries that offers fast legitimate second citizenship and second passport is shrinking rapidly due to the pressures from countries with a high taxation level.

We assist with document gathering and pre-processing, obtaining translations as appropriate, legalizations, and similar authentications as, when, and where required.

Offshore company low taxes