Company management, secretarial, compliance

Once you have incorporated a company, it is a statutory requirement to secure it by properly structure in accordance with legislation, and the statutory records and annual returns maintained on sophisticated company secretarial software to ensure the company fulfills its obligation each year.

To comply with this requirement for an offshore company, we can provide you:

• Provision of directors and nominee shareholders for offshore company

• Provision of company secretary and the maintenance of appropriate statutory records

• Corporate structuring

• Payroll and outsourcing services

• Issuing share certificates or other ownership instruments

• Preparation and filling of annual returns

• Preparation and filling of license application and fees

• Notarization and apostilling of corporate documents

We ensure fast, efficient incorporation of all types of company and also provide management and administration facilities to improve your business efficiency.
We can provide management and administrative support to large corporations, financial institutions, international private equity, venture capital managers, wealth managers and multinational private clients using all types of cross border entities.

Offshore company management