Bullet proof package

We can offer you a complete and modern package, suitable for all the customers, to protect your privacy, and allow you to bank and invest offshore - Bullet Proof Package or Tax Proof Offshore Structure. This is a dual entity structure, composed by a Private Interest Foundation holding ownership of an offshore company, which provides the utmost in asset protection, anonymity, privacy and convenience.

The corporation holds all major assets and the foundation acts as a holding company to the corporation. The components of the foundation are:

       •   Founder - is the person/entity that forms the foundation public registry which at that point holds no control.

     •   Foundation council - serves the same function to the foundation as directors do to the corporation. The council's name and passport numbers are registered in the public registry when the foundation is incorporated. We can provide nominee council, pre-signed, undated letters of resignation from the nominee council for protecting the privacy of our clients. At that point, the council holds no control.

     •   Protector - is the last controller of the foundation. After the incorporation of the foundation, the council appoints a Protector, through a notarized Private Protectorate Document. Because the document is a private, non-publicly registered document, the Protector remains totally anonymous. At this point the Protector has full control over the foundation and all of its assets.

     •   Beneficiaries - are appointed through a Private Letter of Wishes, written by the Protector, which is a private document, so the beneficiaries remain anonymous. The Protector can change or modifies at any time the letter of wishes.

The principal purposes of the foundation are:

     •   to serve as a holding entity for the corporation - using the offshore foundation you can avoid the use of bearer shares or shares issues to your personal name, since the foundation can be named as the shareholder on the share certificates of your company. The control of the offshore foundation is anonymously through a Private Protectorate. The Protector appoints the beneficiaries through a private letter of wishes or set of foundation By-Laws. Since the Protector and the Beneficiaries are both appointed through non-public documents, they remain totally anonymous and confidential.

     •   to serve as beneficial owner when opening financial accounts - when you have to sign the declaration of beneficial ownership if you do not wish to sign it as the beneficial owner when establishing your corporate accounts, the foundation can serve as the beneficial owner for these declaration purposes, and the nominee foundation council can sign the declarations on behalf of the offshore foundation.

     •   to serve as a testamentary vehicle for distribution of your assets - through the foundation your heirs will receive their inheritance free of probate, gift taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes or legal delays.

     •   and to serve as a vehicle to facilitate the transference of funds offshore - since the foundation is a charitable entity, it may receive donations, and it may give grants to anyone you choose. Therefore you can donate your funds to the foundation and the foundation can provide educational grants, charitable donation and other to anyone you choose.