Client solutions

It has become almost impossible for today's businesses to remain in complete privacy, free from excessive taxation and not vulnerable to lawsuits. Placing your assets offshore, you can protect yourself from illegitimate creditors. We assist our private and corporate clients among others in the following areas:

               -          International banking

               -          International trading structures

               -          International payroll solutions

               -          International investment structures

               -          Property ownership structures

               -          Personal service companies

               -          E-commerce and e-gambling solutions

               -          International healthcare

               -          International personal pensions

               -          Trust and trustee services

               -          Foundations

               -          Double tax mitigation

               -          Estate planning

               -          Virtual office services

               -          Yacht&aircraft ownership structures

Our main goal is to focus on the individual needs of our customers and to exceed expectation in terms of services provided. We understand our ustomers needs and address them individually, whether they are individuals or companies. We can provide confidentiality and individual privacy or your business.