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It has become almost impossible for today's businesses to remain in complete privacy, free from excessive taxation and not vulnerable to lawsuits. Placing your assets offshore, you can protect yourself from illegitimate creditors. We assist our private and corporate clients among others in the following areas:                -          International banking                -          International trading structures                -          International payroll solutions                -          International investment structures                -          Property ownership structures                -          Personal service companies                -          E-commerce and e-gambling solutions                -          International healthcare                -          International personal pensions                -          Trust and trustee services                -          Foundations                -          Double tax mitigation                -          Estate planning                -          Virtual office services                -          Yacht&aircraft ownership structures Our main goal is to focus on the individual needs of our customers and to exceed expectation in terms of services provided. We understand our ustomers needs and address them individually, whether they are individuals or companies. We ... Read More »


Panama - Offshore company - Overview Panama occupies an area that connects north and South America, being bordered on all forth sides by Costa Rica, Colombia, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Panama jurisdiction has become one of the most important tax havens of the Western Hemisphere, due to its structure, geographical position, political stability and economical characteristics. The country has taken very important steps for economy modernization and promotion of foreign investments, becoming equally well known as a favorable and stable international offshore financial center, with hundreds of offshore banks, and thriving business of offshore incorporations. Most Panamanian and foreign investors choose to form Corporations. The country does not impose any restrictions on incoming and out coming monetary transfers, no exchange controls, currency limitations and reporting requirements. ... Read More »

Ready Made / Shelf Company

ORDER TODAY A READY MADE OFFSHORE COMPANY (Shelf Company)! THE FASTEST WAY TO GO BUSINESS! Ready-made offshore companies or "shelf companies" are entities which are already created or approved for immediate registration. These types of companies are available for immediate purchase and use. The company's documents of such type have been kept stock-still in our office, hence the name and have not traded or entered into any dealings or obligations whatsoever. We had created the easiest way for you to have your offshore shelf company today. You have full package including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the issuance of general power of attorney for one year.The company documents are ready at our office and we can send you all set of documents ... Read More »

Immigration in low taxes and jurisdictions

Offshore company is a necessary tool in today's modern global economy. Nowdays tax rates and the rules for computing taxable profits vary widely between countries. Therefore some offshore jurisdictions, often known as tax havens, have very low tax rates. Those countries effectively offer services of a sovereign country to businesses and individuals for a modest fee. The result of introducing entities in further jurisdictions into financial structures can be to allow businesses and individuals to diminish the tax liabilities that would otherwise arise in other countries with higher tax rates. There are many reasons for wishing to take up residency in a new country. Programs for grating second citizenship and second passport in return for the investment exist in many countries worldwide. They differ mostly in those points:     ... Read More »


INCORPORATE YOUR OFFSHORE COMPANY WITH US! We are an offshore service provider since 2000 specializing in Offshore Private Foundation formation, low-cost Offshore Company formation (Offshore LLC and Offshore IBC), and Offshore Banking. Our company is highly experienced, with thousands of offshore companies incorporated in over 80 offshore jurisdictions, including complex structures for international and multinational companies.Through our staff and partners located all over the world we offer you the best teams of accountants, lawyers and consultants in over 80 offshore jurisdictions, assuring you of the best fiscal solution adapted to your local business needs and our clients refer to us as being fast, accurate, responsive but yet very affordable. EASY AND FAST - YOUR OFFSHRE COMPANY FORMATION AND BANK ACCOUNT!   In today's world economy the offshore structures are the ideal ... Read More »