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Virtual offices

We can provide you customized virtual office services for your offshore company in prime location, which will allows you set up all you need to run an office paying less than for a normal office. The purpose of a virtual office is to provide a professional business environment for you offshore company or an exclusive address for personal use, project a professional image and credibility to your business.      •   Prestigious business office address, with mail forwarding, phone and fax numbers      •   Personalized call answering or call redirecting      •   Mail collection and forwarding      •   Voicemail, invoicing and payment      •   Use of a fax number enabling receipt and forwarding to the client      •   Access ready-to use ... Read More »

Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes

Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes We are highly experienced in managing running costs and vessel registration. We can handle corporate and fiscal responsibilities which large or small yachts generate, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance. Our team recognizes the need for delivery of accurate and diligent service for ships, yachts or airplanes owners in order to retain strict owner control over costs and administration of these sophisticated assets.      •   Yacht and airplanes registration in a variety of jurisdictions      •   Full management and administration      •   Compliance and certification      •   Tax and Vat management      •   Temporary EU importation services      •   Insurance management services      •   Management of finance      •   Notarization and legalization of ... Read More »

Trust and trustee services

Trust and trustee services - Offshore company A fiduciary structure can help preserve your wealth and offer you greater flexibility over the management and distribution of your assets. A trust is established when a person, known as the Settlor, transfers assets to a Trustee. The Trustee is required to administer the trust assets and is responsible for managing and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of trust. Trusts allow for someone else to manage the property, which can be useful when the property management requires significant time or skill; for example, in the case of management of real estate properties, a commercial business, an investment portfolio, etc. Trustees manage the assets per orders detailed in the trust deed and follow the trust regulation ... Read More »


  Offshore foundations are key structure for asset protection, estate planning tax free vehicles. These are very similar to offshore trust, but have their own legal personality and no legal owner. Offshore Foundations recently become more widely used and becoming more popular than trusts for offshore asset protection. Most foundations are set up for the protection of the founders' assets and as a tax benefit. A foundation can be established for a fixed or indefinite period of time and can be used for charitable, commercial or for family purposes. Offshore foundations can be used in combination with offshore companies to maximize privacy, business confidentiality and to protect assets, accumulate and manage wealth. Offshore foundations need a founder who can be a person, group of persons or corporations. Offshore foundations are legal entities ... Read More »

Special licensed companies

Special licensed companies  We can provide you with all types of licensed companies: Offshore Banks, Insurance, brokerage licenses, Forex, Capital Management, E-Payment, University, Pharmacy, online gambling and gaming.   1. Internet Gaming LicenseThere are more category of gaming licenses according with your online gaming business: online gambling licensing, iGaming platform, online casino, mobile casino, online poker or social poker, bets, bingo and lottery.Seeking to cover every aspect of your business needs we have elaborated a special set of services with the intent to ensure the highest efficiency of your online gaming business. To operate an online casino, poker room or sports betting gaming site legally you will need to obtain a gambling license first. Online gaming licensing has become a new landmark in the industry. The idea of introducing the practice ... Read More »