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Bullet proof package

We can offer you a complete and modern package, suitable for all the customers, to protect your privacy, and allow you to bank and invest offshore - Bullet Proof Package or Tax Proof Offshore Structure. This is a dual entity structure, composed by a Private Interest Foundation holding ownership of an offshore company, which provides the utmost in asset protection, anonymity, privacy and convenience. The corporation holds all major assets and the foundation acts as a holding company to the corporation. The components of the foundation are:        •   Founder - is the person/entity that forms the foundation public registry which at that point holds no control.      •   Foundation council - serves the same function to the foundation as directors do to the corporation. ... Read More »

Other offshore services

If you look for a handy solution to start trading internationally and optimizing taxation at the same time we will provide the whole set of the services starting from the offshore company registration, bank account with offshore banking institution and a card to withdraw remotely and pay the partners,plus a set of additional but very useful services making the life of international trader much more comfortable. The main reason to utilize an offshore company, it may be possible for the owner (or beneficial owner) to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation but could be useful for the protection of assets also.Offshore companies and offshore companies structures may have a large aplicability in order to improve your business. However is important to take into consideration ... Read More »

Wealth protection situation

SITUATION: Mr. John has three companies in his country of residency. Those companies have different activities in Romania and Italy. He also owns three real estate properties in his residency country worth over 3 million Euro each. Mr. John contacted several personal loans a few years ago. Lately he has not been able to pay it and he is currently in default risk.  The monthly income from properties and his companies is not enough to cover all the costs, because of the market situation. He thought also to sell one of the properties but since he wasn't able to get the right price seems not to be a solution for the moment. Therefore he will risk entering in enforcement procedure and loose maybe all his property or affect companies' activity. PROBLEM: Mr. John needs to protect his assets and his companies' ... Read More »

Websites business

SITUATION:Mr. Rusu is a Romanian citizen, student in IT field, who owns several websites. He also launched a free online game that has lately become increasingly popular. The growing number of users and visitors, both on websites and the online game, made the opportunity to profit from the sale of advertising and fees for users. THE PROBLEM:Achieving efficient structure in terms of taxation for commercial purpose for the websites Mr. Rusu owns as an individual. THE SOLUTION:Dema Partners LTD proposes setting up a company in the residency country of Mr. Rusu and another two offshore companies in Seychelles and Cyprus, in order to optimize income taxation. Therefore Mr. Rusu will be the shareholder only for the Romanian company and Seychelles one. The Cypriot offshore company will ... Read More »

IBC case study

SITUATION:Mr. Sergei is a Russian citizen with residency in UAE and is a highly paid technical independent consultant in petroleum industry who works with companies from Russia and Middle East. THE PROBLEM:Mr. Sergei is interested to invest his incomes on the UK real estate market and in the same time to find an efficient invoice solution for the clients in the Middle East. THE SOLUTION: Dema Partners LTD incorporates an offshore company IBC in the BVI for Mr. Sergei and organizes banking facilities with a prominent world bank in London. The BVI has an established financial industry. Mr. Sergei is appointed as the sole Director and Shareholder of the Offshore Company and arranges finance with our assistance, through the bank for the properties purchase. Thru this offshore ... Read More »