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Our aim is to serve our clients with professionalism, efficiency and expediency while establishing and managing onshore and offshore companies, trusts and other types of international business structures to meet the specific objectives. We will help you get the financial freedom you desire and give you the tools to protect your financial welfare and capital through offshore tax shelters. Taking measures to protect assets legally is not only prudent but, in many cases, necessary for the preservation of wealth.When a client chooses us he deposits all of his trust in our company, this is why we strive to maintain trust with our clients. We are specialized in setting up offshore companies, in offshore banking services, nominee services for offshore companies from different prestigious jurisdictions and other leading ... Read More »

Offshore Banking

  Most of the clients require our assistance in obtaining a bank account for their new offshore company or foundation. The service we provide is that of an introduction to the bank and assistance with the required documentation and the application process.We try to minimize inconvenience to our international banking clients, and it is often not necessary for clients to visit the bank in person to obtain the corporate bank account. Our offshore banking team prepares all account documentation and attends an interview on our clients' behalf. Depending on the bank selected, our clients receive international ATM cards, cheque books and world class internet banking. We can provide you a full range of offshore online banking services, all of them with internet banking and debit cards which allow you ... Read More »

Special licensed companies

Special licensed companies  We can provide you with all types of licensed companies: Offshore Banks, Insurance, brokerage licenses, Forex, Capital Management, E-Payment, University, Pharmacy, online gambling and gaming.   1. Internet Gaming LicenseThere are more category of gaming licenses according with your online gaming business: online gambling licensing, iGaming platform, online casino, mobile casino, online poker or social poker, bets, bingo and lottery.Seeking to cover every aspect of your business needs we have elaborated a special set of services with the intent to ensure the highest efficiency of your online gaming business. To operate an online casino, poker room or sports betting gaming site legally you will need to obtain a gambling license first. Online gaming licensing has become a new landmark in the industry. The idea of introducing the practice ... Read More »

Other offshore services

If you look for a handy solution to start trading internationally and optimizing taxation at the same time we will provide the whole set of the services starting from the offshore company registration, bank account with offshore banking institution and a card to withdraw remotely and pay the partners,plus a set of additional but very useful services making the life of international trader much more comfortable. The main reason to utilize an offshore company, it may be possible for the owner (or beneficial owner) to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation but could be useful for the protection of assets also.Offshore companies and offshore companies structures may have a large aplicability in order to improve your business. However is important to take into consideration ... Read More »


INCORPORATE YOUR OFFSHORE COMPANY WITH US! We are an offshore service provider since 2000 specializing in Offshore Private Foundation formation, low-cost Offshore Company formation (Offshore LLC and Offshore IBC), and Offshore Banking. Our company is highly experienced, with thousands of offshore companies incorporated in over 80 offshore jurisdictions, including complex structures for international and multinational companies.Through our staff and partners located all over the world we offer you the best teams of accountants, lawyers and consultants in over 80 offshore jurisdictions, assuring you of the best fiscal solution adapted to your local business needs and our clients refer to us as being fast, accurate, responsive but yet very affordable. EASY AND FAST - YOUR OFFSHRE COMPANY FORMATION AND BANK ACCOUNT!   In today's world economy the offshore structures are the ideal ... Read More »