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Malta - Overview - Offshore company The Republic of Malta is an archipelago of seven islands, member of the EU. It is situated in the central Mediterranean Sea, near Italy, Libya and Tunisia. Malta's proximity to various markets and easy accessibility makes Malta very attractive to international business opportunities. Malta jurisdiction is a sovereign independent state enjoying traditional political, economic and social stability and it is a member of the United Nations, of the Council of Europe and of the Commonwealth. Malta maintains friendly relations with all countries through its policy of neutrality and non-alignment. Malta is a Civil Law jurisdiction, however, all modern legislation including company, tax and maritime laws are modeled on their UK counterparts. Malta has enacted a fiscal and legislative framework with ... Read More »


Madeira - Overview - Offshore companies The Madeira archipelago is located in Atlantic Ocean and is composed by Islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens. It is a Portuguese archipelago which has an important strategic role due to its geographic location, being situated between Europe and the Caribbean Islands.Companies licensed to operate within the Madeira Free Trade Zone are for all purposes Portuguese resident, and therefore can in most cases benefit from the double tax treaties signed by Portugal.Portugal has signed double tax agreements with the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mozambique, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Venezuela. Negotiations are nearing completion with other countries. Principal Corporate Legislation applies for Limitada Company ... Read More »


The most important offshore jurisdiction from Europe and EU where you can incorporate an offshore company.   Europe and EU region Jurisdiction Incorporation Cost Jurisdiction Incorporation Cost Jurisdiction Incorporation Cost Belgium 7,000 euro Spain 5,000 euro Portugal 8,500 euro France 8,000 euro Austria 10,000 euro Czech 7,000 euro Germany 6,000 euro Finland 9,000 euro Hungary 7,000 euro Italy 10,000 euro Sweden 5,000 euro Bulgaria 6,000 euro Luxemburg 12,000 euro Poland 10,000 euro Romania 4,000 euro Greece 9,000 euro Estonia 7,000 euro Monaco 15,000 euro Denmark 10,000 euro Latvia 6,000 euro Norway 10,000 euro Ireland 4,500 euro Lithuania 6,000 euro Liechtenstein 25,000 euro Great Britain 1,500 euro Andorra 12,000 euro Switzerland 11,500 CHF ... Read More »


Netherlands - Overview - Offshore companies Situated at the estuaries of the Rhine and the Mass and bordered by Germany in the East and Belgium in the South, the Netherlands jurisdiction known as Holland also, is a small country with almost all of the areas below sea-level.    The Netherlands has a very strong economy, additional its trade and investment policy most open in the world. Therefore it is the ideal environment to operate an offshore company in, and offers very low taxes rates for offshore investors. In addition, it has strong economic and political environment, and offers a primary location in the middle of Europe. Regarding offshore banking is fairly straightforward and most banks offer a range of services, including online banking. There is a highly regulated banking industry offers favorable taxation condition to offshore banks which proves to ... Read More »

Other jurisdictions

Here are some other important jurisdiction where you can incorporate you offshore company in order to optimize your business.   Other regions Jurisdiction Incorporation Cost Annual Incorporation Cost Jurisdiction Annual Anguilla 990 euro 590 euro Costa Rica 1,500 euro 800 euro Antigua 990 euro 590 euro Liberia 1,500 euro 800 euro Bahamas 990 euro 590 euro Liechtenstein 25,000 euro 6,000 euro Barbados 1,990 euro 590 euro Nevis 990 euro 590 euro Cayman Islands 1,990 euro 7,900 euro Mauritius 990 euro 590 euro Cook Islands 3,000 euro 2,000 euro New Zeeland 3,500 euro 2,000 euro St Vincent & Grenadine 990 euro 590 euro Vanuatu 990 euro 590 euro Grenada 1,990 euro 590 euro       ... Read More »