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Other jurisdictions

Here are some other important jurisdiction where you can incorporate you offshore company in order to optimize your business.   Other regions Jurisdiction Incorporation Cost Annual Incorporation Cost Jurisdiction Annual Anguilla 990 euro 590 euro Costa Rica 1,500 euro 800 euro Antigua 990 euro 590 euro Liberia 1,500 euro 800 euro Bahamas 990 euro 590 euro Liechtenstein 25,000 euro 6,000 euro Barbados 1,990 euro 590 euro Nevis 990 euro 590 euro Cayman Islands 1,990 euro 7,900 euro Mauritius 990 euro 590 euro Cook Islands 3,000 euro 2,000 euro New Zeeland 3,500 euro 2,000 euro St Vincent & Grenadine 990 euro 590 euro Vanuatu 990 euro 590 euro Grenada 1,990 euro 590 euro       ... Read More »


RAS AL KHAIMAN / RAK - Overview - Offshore companies Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) emirate is one of the seven emirates forming the UAE federation. Ras Al Khaimah, located 85 km distance from Dubai and 45km from Sharjah, is fast becoming the investment destination by choice of investors from across the globe. It has already developed into a world-class business hub with state-of-the-art infrastructure and hi-tech facilities for industrial growth and development in less than ten years of its inception, being able to offer customized support services to its investors. Ras Al Khaiman is the most cost-effective free zones in the UAE region and most importantly, it offers an absolutely trouble-free, customer-friendly environment, which is very important for the success of any enterprise. There are more ... Read More »


Gibraltar - Overview - Offshore companies Gibraltar jurisdiction is the only British offshore center that is part of European Union and that can and will increasingly be able to provide financial institutions with passporting rights and access to the single European market for financial services. Gibraltar is strategic located at the entrance of the Mediterranean, at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and at the southern tip of Spain, just opposite the north coast of Africa, being a town and port on the Rock of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is one of the oldest European offshore centers with most complete selection of offshore products and services. The corporate legislation is generally based on United Kingdom Companies Act 1929 and Companies Ordinance Act of 1984.Gibraltar is a political stable country ... Read More »


Dominica - Overview - Offshore companies Offshore company formation in Dominica is the fastest process from the world thanks to the efficient system and highly motivated individuals. Dominica is a distinctive country, being the most rugged landscapes in the Caribbean, covered by largely unexploited, multi-layered rain forest. It is also known as the best offshore tax havens in the Caribbean, which offers a safe and legitimate way to optimize the taxes.Dominica is a state, situated in the West Indies and has on North French Island of Guadeloupe and on the South the Martinique Island. Dominica entered the world book of records as a first country in the world which installed completely digital communication system. Also the communication services are of the highest quality and it is possibly to ... Read More »

Ready Made / Shelf Company

ORDER TODAY A READY MADE OFFSHORE COMPANY (Shelf Company)! THE FASTEST WAY TO GO BUSINESS! Ready-made offshore companies or "shelf companies" are entities which are already created or approved for immediate registration. These types of companies are available for immediate purchase and use. The company's documents of such type have been kept stock-still in our office, hence the name and have not traded or entered into any dealings or obligations whatsoever. We had created the easiest way for you to have your offshore shelf company today. You have full package including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the issuance of general power of attorney for one year.The company documents are ready at our office and we can send you all set of documents ... Read More »