Ready Made / Shelf Company


Ready-made offshore companies or "shelf companies" are entities which are already created or approved for immediate registration. These types of companies are available for immediate purchase and use. The company's documents of such type have been kept stock-still in our office, hence the name and have not traded or entered into any dealings or obligations whatsoever.
We had created the easiest way for you to have your offshore shelf company today. You have full package including the provision of nominee directors, nominee shareholders and the issuance of general power of attorney for one year.
The company documents are ready at our office and we can send you all set of documents by courier to any city in the world and open the bank account. We will need for that the necessary documents requested by the bank. For more details please contact us.

The company package includes:

- Certificate of Incorporation
- Memorandum of Association
- Articles of Association
- Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
- Resolution of Directors in Writing
- Shares Certificate
- Apostille
- Register of Shareholders and Directors
- All government tax records, paid for the first year
- Provision of registered office and registered agent, as required by law, paid for the first year
- Nominee Director and Shareholder
- Power of Attorney with Apostil
- Bank Account Application ( including anonymous debit card )

Shelf companies listed on our website are available immediately! These companies have not had any business transactions and previous owners. The shelf companies listed on our website are incorporated in the current year and the cost is listed in the order form accompanied by the name already chosen. You will receive all packages of documents in the first day of payment. You can save considerable time for you to move on with your business.
If you asked yourself why you should get this option then here are the main answers: if you need to save time and you are in a hurry to access a company for your business; to provide for a somewhat earlier registration date, as might be necessary in some business circumstances; to assist with the sometimes tedious task of designing a new company name.


Please contact us for the updated list of shelf companies or use the ORDER NOW button to check the list.