Netherlands - Overview - Offshore companies

Situated at the estuaries of the Rhine and the Mass and bordered by Germany in the East and Belgium in the South, the Netherlands jurisdiction known as Holland also, is a small country with almost all of the areas below sea-level.   

The Netherlands has a very strong economy, additional its trade and investment policy most open in the world. Therefore it is the ideal environment to operate an offshore company in, and offers very low taxes rates for offshore investors. In addition, it has strong economic and political environment, and offers a primary location in the middle of Europe.

Regarding offshore banking is fairly straightforward and most banks offer a range of services, including online banking. There is a highly regulated banking industry offers favorable taxation condition to offshore banks which proves to be extremely beneficial to those who wish to open an offshore Netherlands ban account.

The offshore company registration is carried out in conjunction with a public notary and is drawn up in Dutch. The main law that governs offshore company formation is Commercial Code of the Netherlands. There are two type of company for international trade, investment and tax planning: BV(Besloten Vennootschap) - Private Limited Company and CV(Cooperatieve Vennootschap) - Limited Partnership.

When contemplating setting up an offshore company in Netherlands, you will be taking advantage of the excellent bilingual structure, as a range of languages are spoken within the Netherlands, the strong economic and political environment, the large number of double tax treaty Netherlands is part to (more than 100 double tax treaty) and no exchange control. Also other characteristics of an offshore company in Netherlands are: a VAT rate of 19% with certain exemptions; Dutch corporate tax is 20% for under 200,000 Euro and 25% of the amount exceeding 200,000 Euro; dividend withholding tax is 15%; a very good environment for BV holding companies; directors may be of any nationality and may reside anywhere; only one shareholder is required which can be the same person as the director; nominee shareholders are allowed for an offshore company; the shareholder may be a person or a corporation.



General Information

Type of company

BV(Besloten Vennootschap)

Type of Law


Our time to establish a new company

4-6 weeks

Double Taxation Treaty


Corporate taxation

20% for tax income up to 200,000 €, 25.5% from taxable incomes s of €200,001+

Nil for dividends in most cases

Share capital or equivalent

Standard currency


Permitted currencies


Minimum paid up

€18, 000

Usual authorized

€90, 000


Minimum number


Local required


Publicly accessible record


Location of meetings



Minimum number


Publicly accessible records

Yes, for a single member

Location of meetings


Company secretary



Local or qualified



Requirements to prepare


Audit requirements


Requirements t file accounts


Publicly accessible accounts

Excerpts for small companies, full details for large companies

Recurring government costs

Minimum annual tax/license fee



Requirements to file annual return


Change in domicile permitted


Netherlands Incorporation Costs

Company registration

2,500 Euro

Local Domiciliation

1,800 Euro

Bank account

390 Euro

Annual Tax( from 2nd year)

1,800+2,500 Euro

Optional/Additional costs


2,500 Euro

*Seychelles Nominee Director & Shareholder/year

1,200 Euro

Local Nominee Shareholder

Ask Quotation

Local Nominee Director

Ask Quotation

Certificate of Good Standing

300 Euro

Power of Attorney

150 Euro


300 Euro

Company Seal / Rubber stamp

50 Euro

Courier Delivery

80 Euro