Offshore Companies

We offer offshore company formation in many premier offshore jurisdictions located all over the world. Your choices to incorporate an offshore company are extensive, and you can pick an offshore company from a jurisdiction that best suits your business and personal needs.

You can incorporate offshore with either IBC (International Business Company), LTD (Limited) or LLC (Limited Liability Company), both types of offshore companies are easy to maintain, have limited administrative, accounting requirements and the incorporation process is fast.


Offshore company jurisdictions options


We have experts to advise you on the selection of the best offshore company formation or onshore company jurisdiction for your offshore or international business.


We recommend following reputable offshore jurisdiction for offshore company formation where one can maximize on tax savings and protect their assets, according to your business profile and needs: Seychelles, Cyprus, Switzerland, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Malta, Madeira, Netherlands, Dominica, Gibraltar and Ras Al Khaimah/RAK.

There are several key factors are used to determine whether a jurisdiction is a tax haven or not. The most important cumulative factors to be consider a tax haven are: the jurisdiction imposes no or only nominal taxes, whether there is a lack of transparency, whether there are laws or administrative practices that prevent the effective exchange of information for tax purposes with other governments on taxpayers benefiting from the nominal taxation, whether there is an absence of a requirement that the activity be substantial.

In the last period setting up an offshore company is attractive to many individuals and small businesses mainly because certain countries offer tax relief to their non-residents. These businesses benefit from anonymity against their transactions and protection laws meaning that it is very difficult for a third party to have easy access to the activities of the business or individual.

Summarizing, tax haven is a country or a place with laws that allows for low taxation or no taxes and secretive banking polices to foreigners.