Ireland Company - Offshore company - Overview

Ireland is European Union (EU) member and Eurozone member, providing excellent access to the EU and world markets. Ireland has been placed by Business Environment Ranking of the Economist Intelligence Unit, on 11th place globally out of 82 countries, naming it as one of the most attractive business locations in the world. Lately Ireland has become a very good location for foreign investors because of the law corporate Irish tax rates, the liberal approach to trade and a current 3 year tax exempt period for new Irish companies. Using such a location for company formation allows the entrepreneur to easy trade services and products throughout the EU and benefit from reduced withholding taxes. There are more than 60 DTA signed by Ireland regarding corporate tax, capital gains and income tax.
An Irish Company is a company which has no activities limitation and which falls within the scope of general tax law and may benefit from the double taxation treaties concluded by Ireland and the European tax directives. Ireland has one of the best holding company regimes in the world.
Resident companies are subject to Ireland tax on their worldwide profits and on dividends are withholding taxes except where these are mare to qualifying non-resident persons or excluded persons. We have to mention that dividends paid by Irish resident companies to other Irish resident companies are not chargeable to Corporation Tax.
An Ireland company is deemed resident if its management and control is exercised from Ireland or if it is incorporated in Ireland. In case a non-resident company is carrying out trading activities in Ireland through a branch or agency then is also subject to corporate tax.
In present the Irish Banks are fully capitalized, making from Ireland one of the easiest countries in the world in which to open and operate a business bank account with online banking as standard and merchant accounts available.
In order to establish a Irish company there some requirements: establish a company name (registering a trade name is also available), there must be a minimum of two directors (at least one must be resident of European Economic area - for alternative, please contact us), a company secretary is required, accountancy, a register office within Ireland and maintain statutory books of the company at its register office address.
The most common type of company incorporated in Republic of Ireland is a Private limited company (Ltd), which is a company where its shareholders liability is limited to the number of shares that they own and its shareholders are limited to its Creditors to the amount of shares they own in the company. Such a company type cannot trade on the stock exchange, but must still make an annual return to the Companies Registration office, regardless to whether it has traded or not.
Private limited company in Ireland has the following advantages: easy trade services and/or products within Europe; benefit from low corporate tax rate, network of double tax treaties and other tax incentives; benefit from pro-business state and semi-state initiatives to support start-ups in Ireland with practical and financial assistance; be part of a thriving entrepreneurial community and avail of an English speaking, educated mobile workforce.


General Information

Type of entity

Private Limited Company (Ltd)

Public Limited Company (Plc)

Minimum Subscribed Capital

€38,100 (Plc)

€1 (Ltd)

Minimum Paid-Up Capital

€9,525 (Plc)

€1 (Ltd)

Company Registration Timescale

Two-three weeks

Number of Shareholders

1 (Plc)

1 (Ltd)

Type of Shares

Registered or preference (Plc)

Registered (Ltd)


Capital Duty


Net Worth Tax


Corporate Income Tax

25% for passive income

Double Tax Treaties


Dividends Exemption


Capital Gains Exemption


Holding Requirements

5% with €50M value or 10% with €15M value;
trading company or group

Withholding Taxes


EU Parent Co- 0%
Treaty Countries- 0%=10%
Others- 25%


EU Parent Co- 0%

Treaty Countries- 0%-22%

Others- 20%


EU Parent Co- 0%
Treaty Countries- 0%-22%
Others- 15%



Ireland Incorporation Costs

Company registration

1.500  Euro

Bank account

490  Euro

Annual Tax( from 2nd year)

990  Euro

Optional/Additional costs


2.500 Euro

2 Nominee Director/year

1200 Euro

Nominee Shareholder/year

 400 Euro

Certificate of Good Standing

 200 Euro

Power of Attorney

 150 Euro


 200 Euro

Courier Delivery

 80 Euro