Gibraltar - Overview - Offshore companies

Gibraltar jurisdiction is the only British offshore center that is part of European Union and that can and will increasingly be able to provide financial institutions with passporting rights and access to the single European market for financial services. Gibraltar is strategic located at the entrance of the Mediterranean, at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula and at the southern tip of Spain, just opposite the north coast of Africa, being a town and port on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is one of the oldest European offshore centers with most complete selection of offshore products and services. The corporate legislation is generally based on United Kingdom Companies Act 1929 and Companies Ordinance Act of 1984.
Gibraltar is a political stable country with superb commercial and professional infrastructure. Even it has its own government remains a dependent territory of the United Kingdom but is a full member of the European Union. It does not participate in the common tariff and agriculture policy, and does not levy VAT. Gibraltar is an attractive offshore location for investment fund management, trust management, shipping and investment holding companies because of its tax-effective base and its established cost. More important there are no income or capital gains taxes and no exchange controls. Since 2011, there is no distinction between onshore and offshore companies, all Gibraltar companies paying a flat low tax of just 10%. For all practical purposes the dominant currency is British Pound Sterling. There are two official languages - English and Spanish.

There are various types of companies allowed under Gibraltar Law, including Gibraltar tax exempt companies, Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies, Gibraltar Hybrid Companies and the Gibraltar Qualifying company.
The most relevant factors that make Gibraltar jurisdiction attractive to offshore company registration for offshore business conduct are: cost effectiveness and attractive fiscal regime for offshore investors; excellent reputation, stable government and special status within the EU; favorable tax status for offshore banks; the only jurisdiction that offers a flexible tax regime; no capital gains taxes, gift taxes nor wealth taxes; large number of offshore regimes in order to reduce taxation for an offshore company; non-resident companies do not require more than one director; nominee services are used; secrecy is guaranteed by legislation.


General Information

Type of company

Nonresident company

Type of Law


Our time to establish a new company

5-8 days

Double Taxation Treaty


Corporate taxation


Share capital or equivalent

Standard currency


Permitted currencies


Minimum paid up


Usual authorized



Minimum number


Local required


Corporate directors permitted


Publicly accessible record


Location of meetings

Anywhere, except Gibraltar


Minimum number


Publicly accessible records


Location of meetings

Anywhere, except Gibraltar

Company secretary



Local or qualified



Requirements to prepare


Audit requirements

Yes, but small companies exceptions

Requirements t file accounts


Publicly accessible accounts


Recurring government costs

Minimum annual tax/license fee



Requirements to file annual return


Change in domicile permitted


Gibraltar Incorporation Costs

Company registration

2,000 Euro

Bank account

390 Euro

Annual Tax( from 2nd year)

890 Euro

Optional/Additional costs

Seychelles Nominee Director & Shareholder

1,200 Euro

Local Nominee Director

Ask Quotation

Local Nominee Shareholder

Ask Quotation

Certificate of Good Standing

150 Euro

Power of Attorney

150 Euro


150 Euro

Company Seal / Rubber stamp

50 Euro

Courier Delivery

80 Euro