Dubai – Offshore Company – Overview

Dubai is not considered to be an official tax haven; therefore this jurisdiction is not listed on the list of black listed destination. Also there is no exchange of information treaties and is a fully confidential location.
Dubai Jafza, situated at the crossroads between East and West, in an ideal warehousing, distribution and industrial hub providing access to a market of over more than two billion demanding and affluent consumers. Near the largest port in the world, the location offers also lots of warehouses for storage distribution and manufacturing or available plots for construct purpose built facilities.
The new Jabel Ali International Airport location, the Dubai International Airport and air cargo terminal are other benefits which the jurisdiction has to offer to their businessman, which are accustomed to certain levels of quality and efficiency.
Dubai enjoys a very good reputation worldwide and Dubai offshore company represents a good image in the front of your clients, suppliers and even potential venture capitalists.
Jabel Ali Free Area (Fafza), Dubai, UAE companies may be formed within Dubai Jafza as the following types of companies:
- Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZCO) - the applicants of such type can avail of Jafza's unique offer of forming a company as a separate legal entity. In this case, FZE formation can be with a single shareholder with a minimum capital of AED 1 million. For an FZCO formation there might be 2 to 5 shareholders with a minimum capital of AED 500,000.
- Special status non-resident offshore companies - under Jabel Ali Free Trade Zone Offshore Companies Regulation 2003, offshore companies may be incorporated by individuals or corporate bodies, as non-resident company, having a corporate legal entity. The common types of offshore structures for an offshore company in Dubai are: investment or Joint Investments Company, General Trading, Holding companies, shipping or Ship Management Company, Property Owning and Copyright or Patent Company.
- Branch Company - these type of companies have valid registration and license outside Jafza and can apply for the formation of a branch company in Jafza.
Some of the most important advantages and Dubai offshore company formation offer for his owner are: 100% foreign ownership of the offshore company, no necessity for a UAE national as a shareholder or sponsor, no public register of companies officers, hold multicurrency bank accounts, no requirement to hold records/books, no foreign currency restrictions, full repatriation of the offshore companies profits are allowed, modern offshore legislation and no corporate and income taxes.
The shareholders of the offshore company in Jafza Dubai shall visit JAFZA in order to sign the company incorporation documents or alternatively the Power of Attorney to incorporate such company can be issued to a nominated person whereby such power of attorney shall be signed in the presence of a notary and then legalized by UAE embassy and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


General Information

Type of entity


Time-frame to establish a new company

3-4 weeks

Corporate taxation

 o taxes on profit, capital gains or anything else

Annual Reporting

No annual report or accounts need be filed

Restriction on Name and Activity

Names must end with “Limited.” The following words and their associated activities are prohibited: Banking, Insurance and Re-insurance.

Local Requirements

Must maintain a local Registered Agent approved by the local authorities and a local Registered Office which the Registered Agent provides

Accounting requirement


Minimum Capital

An offshore company can select its own minimum capital. We recommend United States Dollars 100 in € 1,00 Shares


Minimum number of shareholders

Minimum of 1 (one)

Corporate shareholders are permitted

Minimum number of directors

Minimum of two directors are required and one secretary

Directors must be individuals and not corporate body

Local required


Dubai Incorporation Costs

Company registration

6.000  Euro

Bank account

390  Euro

Annual Tax( from 2nd year)

3.000  Euro

Optional/Additional costs

2 Nominee Director/year

1.200 Euro

Nominee Shareholder/year

 1.400 Euro

Certificate of Good Standing

 500 Euro

Power of Attorney

 450 Euro


 300 Euro

Courier Delivery

 80 Euro