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Trust and trustee services

Trust and trustee services - Offshore company A fiduciary structure can help preserve your wealth and offer you greater flexibility over the management and distribution of your assets. A trust is established when a person, known as the Settlor, transfers assets to a Trustee. The Trustee is required to administer the trust assets and is responsible for managing and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of trust. Trusts allow for someone else to manage the property, which can be useful when the property management requires significant time or skill; for example, in the case of management of real estate properties, a commercial business, an investment portfolio, etc. Trustees manage the assets per orders detailed in the trust deed and follow the trust regulation ... Read More »

Asset and wealth protection - Trust structure

Trust is well known as an ancient instrument for wealth protection and asset protection, especially used in English influenced jurisdictions, in order to avoid legal restrictions imposed by Common Law. The functionality of the Trust continues today - a legal ownership of an asset being invested in one individual, who undertook orally or in writing the use of the assets for the benefit of persons other than himself - although its uses have developed beyond those for which it was initially created. A trust is raised when the Settlor (an individual or a corporation) transfers cash or assets (which represent the Trust Fund) to individuals/corporation - hereby named Trustees, on the basis of a Trust Deed (written by the Settlor) that the Trustees will invest, administer ... Read More »