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Cyprus increase of VAT from 15% to 17%

  Cyprus was the EU country with the lowest VAT level of 15% till this year. The VAT raise at 17% for supply of goods and services, has been implemented since 1 March 2012. The growth of 2%, still situate Cyprus as the best tax environment for business. The new VAT value does not affect the services and products that fall under the reduced VAT rates of 5% or 8% or zero VAT rate, according to the VAT legislation. According to the Article 55 of the Vat Law there are some cases when a taxable person selling goods or providing services has the choice of applying the old VAT rate or the new one    ... Read More »

Cyprus the new gateway for EU citizenship

There is great news regarding the new options to get an EU citizenship for non-EU citizen.The latest open door to Europe is by obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus. In order to do that the non-EU nationals have to spend at least EUR 300,000 on a real estate property subject to certain requirements, prove that they have no criminal record, carry sufficient financial resources and deposit EUR 30,000 in a local bank for a period of 3 years. In just 45 days, anyone who meets these conditions can expect the permanent residence card in his mailbox. Quite simply, this means you will be able to enjoy the same advantages as everyone else in Cyprus without having to apply for any permits or renewals.Cyprus is already renowned that ... Read More »

Important updates for Cyprus jurisdiction and bank system

Cyprus reached recently this year according with the recent agreement, a series of measures regarding the tax rates.Since 1st of January 2013 the corporation tax in Cyprus is levied at a flat rate of 12.5%. Till 2013, the corporation tax rate was 10%, but in 2013 the new rate is 12.5% following the agreement for a bailout plan reached by Government of Cyprus and the European Commission, the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund.Also, the Special Defence Contribution on interest income has been increased from 15% to 30% effective as from 29 April 2013. SDC on interest income is payable by Cypriot tax resident individuals or companies. Non tax residents are exempted from SDC. In addition, interest income arising from the ordinary carrying on of ... Read More »


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Seychelles - Offshore company - Overview Seychelles is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, between the east coast of Africa and India. Most of you know Seychelles jurisdiction because of its natural beauty and the fantastic tourist destination it is. Seychelles is an independent Republic and one of the most progressive offshore centers in the world with competitive legislation, which makes incorporation relatively simple, whilst ensuring investor confidence and privacy. Seychelles has double tax treaties with Indonesia, Barbados, China, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Vietnam, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Botswana, Thailand, Mauritius and Cyprus making all jurisdictions of choice traders. The governing legislation for the formation of the versatile and most widely sought type of offshore company is Seychelles International Business Companies Act 1994. More recent legislation ... Read More »