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Offshore bank accounts hold assets worth of over $ 21 trillion

Offshore company formation, offshore banking, legal and tax consultancy are the industries that grows on peoples and companies need to maximize profits by legally reducing the amount of taxes paid for their investments.Estimations shows that world's richest people and companies has transferred to offshore bank accounts and offshore companies in various tax heavens between $ 21 trillion and $ 32 trillion, an amount larger that the entire economy of USA. International offshore financial centers are the main beneficiary of these funds, offering in return to investors zero or low tax regime, asset protection, confidentiality and the safety of their funds.The analysis was made by James Henry, former chief economist at consultancy company McKinsey, a well known expert on tax heavens, by studying data from Bank of ... Read More »

Commercial services

Our team performs day to day banking and other financial and commercial transactions for offshore companies which we administer on behalf of our clients, such as:      •   A turn-key administrative service for client offshore companies      •   Escrow and fiduciary services      •   Project management      •   Arranging for the endowment of legal and taxation advice and opinions      •   Assistance in the opening and operation of offshore bank accounts      •   Trading and letter of credit services      •   Drafting commercial agreements, consultancy and employment contracts      •   A turn-key service for companies trading in or with the European Union, including      •   VAT registration, the filing of VAT returns, management accounting, audit documentary credit ... Read More »

Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes

Offshore registration - Ships, yachts, airplanes We are highly experienced in managing running costs and vessel registration. We can handle corporate and fiscal responsibilities which large or small yachts generate, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance. Our team recognizes the need for delivery of accurate and diligent service for ships, yachts or airplanes owners in order to retain strict owner control over costs and administration of these sophisticated assets.      •   Yacht and airplanes registration in a variety of jurisdictions      •   Full management and administration      •   Compliance and certification      •   Tax and Vat management      •   Temporary EU importation services      •   Insurance management services      •   Management of finance      •   Notarization and legalization of ... Read More »

Other offshore services

If you look for a handy solution to start trading internationally and optimizing taxation at the same time we will provide the whole set of the services starting from the offshore company registration, bank account with offshore banking institution and a card to withdraw remotely and pay the partners,plus a set of additional but very useful services making the life of international trader much more comfortable. The main reason to utilize an offshore company, it may be possible for the owner (or beneficial owner) to secure a number of advantages, mainly revolving around taxation but could be useful for the protection of assets also.Offshore companies and offshore companies structures may have a large aplicability in order to improve your business. However is important to take into consideration ... Read More »