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Obtaining an online gambling license

During our work experience with online offshore gaming industry we can tell you that it requires significant effort and attention to details. Obtaining an online gambling license usually is a complex process involving research, documentation and certification. Dema Partners LTD can guide you and offer for you the best license option for your business through our personal network of international relations. We can propose you the best option for casino, betting, lottery and bingo license - since the gambling company may conduct business worldwide through the internet securing clients from all over the globe. We will try to offer you a basic legal overview of what is entailed in setting up a fully functional online gambling website.We know that many entrepreneurs start their adventure without ... Read More »

The Ultimate Asset Protection Tool - The Belize Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Last year Belize introduced a new form of company - LLC. These types of companies are also progressive and intelligent, acting as an ideal tax planning and asset protection tool. The Belize LLC's are dictated by the operating agreement, first and foremost. According to the International Limited Liability Companies Act, 2011, a Limited Liability Company or an LLC is a hybrid between two familiar business structures, namely, a corporation and a partnership. An LLC combines the best of both worlds by offering the advantage of both a corporation and a partnership without the disadvantage of either form.An LLC, on the other hand, has distinct advantages over both corporation and a partnership in that it not only avoids multiple level of taxation, it also limits the ... Read More »


Belize - Offshore company - Overview Situated on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America, Belize is known for its political and economic stability and its Legal System based on English Common Law and local Statute. Independent since 1981 Belize is an offshore jurisdiction very convenient for doing business. The Belize offshore company (IBC) is a tax-free and exchange control-free Limited Liability Company. Incorporated under the Belize laws, the offshore firm must conduct all profit-earnings activities outside of the country. Usually most of the Belize offshore companies are used by high net worth individuals to lease and own property, estate planning, tax optimization and also in conjunction with trust and by international companies in cross border transactions. With an outstanding record of peace, democracy and stability, Belize is ... Read More »